WhoIsConnected – Software To Keep You Aware And In Power

September 15, 2012 by  
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Privacy and security are two sweet words, especially for those who want it in their lives. Since the Internet came along, you need to become aware of a whole lot of things you’d once have thought useless. If you’re someone who owns multiple computers on which people come to surf the web, do research and stuff, you really could do with some monitoring software so you can keep the entire network, and the computers they connect, safe from viruses and wrongful copying of files that don’t belong to certain people. What you’re going to read about here is a software called WhoIsConnected, and it doesn’t get simpler than that. It helps you keep track of a network and all the users who are on it at any given time. You’ll read something about the benefits and all that you receive in terms of personal power over a situation. No longer can you be ignorant of a viral attack on your network or worry about people doing illegal stuff on it. Everything is noticed, giving you time to act. Besides, the fun part shouldn’t be forgotten. Imagine what you can do with this software to connect gamers and see what each one is up to as well. The possibilities with this simple online tool are huge. And it’s free too!
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