Download Webroot Spy Sweeper 2010 Free 6 Months Usage

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Webroot is a antispyware company that is famous for their Spy Sweeper software. They never had a free version of their anti spyware, hence it is not as popular as ad-aware, malwarebytes or superantispyware that has free version. However if compared with the paid version of antispyware, Spy Sweeper is indeed a popular one and they have recently released Spy Sweeper 2010 which is fully compatible with Windows 7.

Webroot Spy Sweeper 2010 provides protection from spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. This version includes a subscription to the evolving database of security definitions from Webroot. It cost $31.32 per PC per year and they normally sell a 3 PC license in a bundle. For a limited time only, Webroot is offering a free 6 months subscription for new customers only because it is an extended trial version with 180 days instead of the normal 30 days trial.

Free Spy Sweeper 2010 regcode

There is no registration needed, just download the 40.1MB WebrootSecurityTrialSetup_EN.exe setup file, install it and the Keycode is embedded to the setup which activates the program for 6 months.

You can go to this page in facebook and click on the big button that says “GET MY 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL NOW!”.

Windows 7 Shortcuts Missing or Disappeared after System Maintenance

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In Windows XP, there is a Desktop Cleanup Wizard that by default runs every 60 days to move unused desktop items to a folder named “Unused Desktop Shortcuts. This feature can be disabled by right clicking the Desktop, go to Properties > Desktop tab > Customize Desktop button > uncheck Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days. However for Windows 7, this feature has been changed to system maintenance where it cleans up unused files and shortcuts, and perform other maintenance tasks.

System maintenance is scheduled to run once a week and if it finds more than 4 bad or broken shortcuts, it will remove all of them. As for desktop shortcuts that are valid but not used for more than 3 months, they will also be removed.

To prevent this from happening, you can turn off computer maintenance from Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Change Settings > select Off for Computer Maintenance but this would mean you would stop Windows 7 from checking volume errors, and also checking for troubleshooting history and error reports that are taking up disk space. Another method is to disable checking of unused desktop icons and broken shortcuts.

1. Install Take Ownership right click extension if you haven’t.
2. Open My Computer and navigate to this path C:\Windows\diagnostics\scheduled\Maintenance
3. You can either delete or move this 2 files to another location on your hard drive.
TS_UnusedDesktopIcons.ps1 > For checking unused desktop icons
TS_BrokenShortcuts.ps1 < For checking broken shortcuts

Once both of this ps1 files are moved out of the Maintenance folder, the weekly scheduled computer maintenance will no longer check for unused or broken shortcuts and automatically remove them from your desktop.

Troubleshoot File Access Denied in Windows 7 by Taking Ownership

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There are some files when you want to edit, move or delete, you will get the error File Access Denied window with the error message “You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from Trusted Installer to make changes to this file”. You can either click a thousand times of Try Again which you still won’t be able to edit the file or click Cancel and forget about it.

Even if you are the only Administrator with full control and with UAC turned disabled, some of the files in Windows only gives Full Control to TrustedInstaller. You can easily take ownership of the files by right clicking on the folder go to Security tab, then click on Advanced tab, then go to Owner tab and change the owner to the account that you’re currently logged on. This seems to be easy enough when you need to take ownership of a couple of files but if you are an advanced user that are always hacking up Windows 7, then you need an easier solution.

The easier would be to add a Take Ownership command to the right click menu so you can easily take ownership of any file by simply right clicking on the file and select the menu. Saves time and mouse clicks. There are 2 registry files in the zip archive. Add_Take_Ownership.reg file adds the Take Ownership command to the right click context menu and Remove_Take_Ownership.reg removes it. To install, just double click the file and merge it into your registry.

File Access Denied Take Ownership Windows 7

Download Take Ownership Right Click Extension

Free Wondershare Time Freeze Registration Code – Returnil Alternative

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Public computers in library or in educational facilities such as colleges faces a lot of system modification and also corruption due to virus or the human fault. Having malware such as keyloggers, trojan or spyware in a public computer is dangerous because everyone that uses it is in risk of their online account being hijacked or stolen because the credentials are logged and sent to the hacker.

Instead of the computer technician there keep on installing a new Windows every week, a better method is to harden the Windows system so that no matter what changes being made on the system, a single reboot will restore everything back to normal state. There are a few popular ones such as Returnil Virtual System but here is an alternative called Wondershare Time Freeze.

Wondershare Time Freeze is a new and easy-to-use system and file protection tool that creates a virtual environment to keep your computer safe from all types of viruses and other malicious attacks and being viewed or modified by other people.

Free Time Freeze Registration Code

You can get your free Time Freeze registration code from the link below:

1. Visit
2. Enter your name and email and click Get KeyCode button.
3 Check your email and you will receive an email from wondershare with your personalized registration code.
4. Download Time Freeze and install
5. Enter the Licensed Email and Registration Code that you received from wondershare to register the application.

To protect your whole Windows system from modification, at the System Protection tab, click on the button slider to move it to On. Folder protection tab allows you to protect certain folders from being modified. As for the Settings tab, you can configure Time Freeze to auto enable protection when Windows starts up and protect the boot sector. You can also set password to keep inexperienced users from making changes to your settings and configurations.

Free NetObjects Fusion 10 License Number Key

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Have you ever wanted to create a website but didn’t know how to? The most import thing in creating a website is to have a software that creates a website. Experts that knows HTML coding can create a website even with a Notepad but for those that doesn’t know anything about HTML coding, then they would have to opt for something that is easier to use and one of them is NetObjects Fusion 10.

NetObjects Fusion 10 is the essential tool for building successful business websites. Whether you are a professional website designer or designing a site for a small business or your family, you can use NetObjects Fusion to design your site quickly and easily. Map out your site structure by dragging and dropping page icons. NetObjects Fusion automatically creates and updates navigation and links. Lay out your pages quickly by dragging text, graphics, and multimedia into place. Select from dozens of SiteStyles, or customize or create your own to apply a consistent visual theme throughout your site.

Free NetObjects Fusion License Number

The full downloadable version of NetObjects Fusion cost $199.95 but is free if you follow the steps below.

1. Visit
2. Click Continue
3. You should see NetObjects Fusion 10 being added to the shopping cart but the price is US $0.00. Click continue.
4. Create an account by filling up the form and click continue
5. Click continue again at the confirmation page
6. Click pay now when asked to select the payment method
7. Click Pay now again and you should get a Order Successful message.
8. Check your email and you should receive an email from NetObjects with your NetObjects Fusion 10 license number.
9. Download NetObjects Fusion 10 Full from

The latest version of NetObjects Fusion is at version 11 now and you can upgrade for half of the price at $109.95 compared to the full price that you normally have to pay at $199.95.

Auto Remove or Delete Empty Unused Folders or Directories in Windows

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We noticed that even after doing a clean installation of Windows, there are some folders that are empty that doesn’t contain any files at all. We are not really sure why is that but probably Microsoft has missed cleaning up a few folders. Although empty folders or directory doesn’t really take up any space at all, leaving them in computer is somehow messy. If the folders are not needed in the first place, they should be removed to keep the computer tidy.

There are more than 10,000 folders in a clean Windows 7 installation computer and checking for empty folders one by one is going to waste a lot of your precious time. The simpler and automated way is to use JoseDelEmpty which is able to delete the empty folders in your Windows computer.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows

JoseDelEmpty is only 12KB in size after installation and the executable file can be copied to a USB flash drive because it is portable and doesn’t require any dependency. You will need to specify a folder to start checking for empty folders. We have tested and this application must check from folder but not the drive. So browsing to the C:\ drive will not work but C:\Windows will work. You can also set whether JoseDelEmpty to ignore system or hidden folders for safety because most of the folders that are system and hidden belongs to Windows and might be important.

Download JoseDelEmpty

Rotate Images on WebPages inside Firefox Browser

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There are tons of images that is on the Internet and some there will be some people that doesn’t know how to publish the image correctly, making you had to tilt your head just to see the image properly. One way to view it properly is to download and save the image to your hard drive locally, and then use any image editing software such as Windows Paint to rotate the image.

Another simpler way is to use a Firefox addon called Rotate Image which allows you to rotate the images directly from the web page without saving it to your computer. The rotated image will smartly move the text so that the images doesn’t cover up the text. After installing the Rotate Image extension, restart Firefox browser as usual, and you will have 2 new options when you right click at an image. You get to rate the image in clock wise or counter clock wise.

Rotate Image in Firefox

The rotate image preferences window allows you to change the percentage of angle degrees and also the restriction of only allow to resize if image is larger than the defined width and height. There are some incompatibility between this extension with other extension namely “Image Zoom” and “Save Image in Folder”.

Download Rotate Image

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