14 ICON Search Engine to Find and Download Free .ICO

March 24, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Online Service


After installing a software, the first thing you see before you get to run the software is the icon. This makes the icon the first impression for a software and it is always very important to keep the good first impression. Even a website can embed an icon call favicon which is used to represent a website’s logo. The favicon will always remain in bookmark for easy identification.

There are a lot of free icon packs that can be downloaded from the Internet but since there are so many different categories, it is hard to look for the icon that suits your website’s favicon or for your software. The easiest and most effective method is to search the keyword in icon search engine. Yes we have the normal search engine to look for websites using keywords and we have managed to dig up 14 different icon search engines to help you look for your favorite icon.

Free ICON download from search engine

1. FindIcons
2. Icons-Search
3. VeryIcon
4. Iconlet
5. IconSeeker
6. EasyIconFinder
7. IconFinder
8. IconLook
9. Iconlib
10. IconsPedia
11. MrIcons
12. Icones
13. SilkIconFinder
14. Google Images

All of the 14 icon search engines can search for icons using keywords. We have tested all 14 icon search engine and still Google remains the champion because it shows the most results. However you will first need to click on Advanced Image Search and select Icon for Size. With all 14 icon search engine combined, we are confident you are able to find your suitable icon from the millions of free icons.

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